Cord used to make DIY Christmas ornaments

4 DIY Christmas decorations made with cord

Let’s face it, everyone needs a little Christmas cheer this year.

So, why not get into the spirit and try some of our Christmas craft ideas?

Cords can be used to make a fantastic range of DIY Christmas decorations and ornaments. And to get you started, here we’ve listed just a few of our favourites. Simply stock up on a few essential materials, put on your favourite festive tunes, and get creative with our yuletide paracord crafts.


  1. Paracord Christmas trees

If you know your paracord knots, this adorable DIY Christmas decoration is very easy to make.

Essentially, a cobra knot is used to create the basic shape of a Christmas tree. You can either use one colour for the full design or a variety of colours from our multicoloured range. And to finish, simply thread a few bright beads onto the branches.

Simple tutorial videos can be found online, which demonstrate step-by-step how to create the correct knots. Just take your time and have fun!


  1. Festive cord baubles

DIY Christmas decoration

There are two ways to create this Christmas craft.

The first is by using the monkey fist paracord knot. Tied around three fingers, this creates a spherical ‘bauble’ shape that can be easily hung from your Christmas tree. It can be a bit tricky to master so an easier option is to wind craft cord around the circumference of an old bauble and stick it with glue.

Either way, you can be creative as you like and use a range of colours to produce unique, magical designs.


  1. Spiral tree table decoration

Christmas craft idea using cord

This is another beautiful DIY Christmas decoration, that would make a lovely centrepiece for your dinner table. And again, it’s really quick and easy to put together.

Simply cover a Styrofoam cone in cling film. Soak 2mm craft cord or twine in Mod Podge, before wrapping it around the cone and leaving it to dry overnight. The morning after, the Mod Podge should have set. Carefully remove the Styrofoam and cling film and, to complete the look, add tiny baubles and glitter. Perfect.


  1. Macramé Christmas décor

Christmas paracord crafts

Cotton cord can be used to create a wide range of cute Christmas décor – anything from macramé Christmas trees and wreaths to snowflakes, sleighs and stars. And the good news? Even if you’re a macramé-amateur, you’ll have them knotted up in no time.

Lots of ideas and ‘how-to’ videos can be found online to help. It’s also worth checking out our recent blog ‘How to choose the right macramé cord for your project’. Just find a festive macramé pattern that you like, stock up on cord, and have a go.


Stock up on Christmas craft cord today

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For more Christmas craft ideas, be sure to check out our sister site, RopesDirect – which features a fantastic blog ‘5 Christmas craft ideas using rope’.

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