Polypropylene Cord


Polypropylene Cord

Looking to buy polypropylene cord? The type that is high-grade, yet low-cost? Brilliant – you’re in the perfect place! Paracords Direct is a UK leading stockist and, as part of our expansive online store, you’ll find the ideal braided polypropylene rope for all requirements.

    A comprehensive range of polypropylene cord

    Our polypropylene collection is currently split into three main categories, including:

    1. Coloured polypropylene cord

    These are multifilament polypropylene ropes, with an 8-plait design. They’re woven tightly from polypropylene fibres and, as such, are inherently strong. But they’re also made without a core and so are very soft and flexible. Various diameters are available (2-6mm), as well as a diverse range of colourways – including everything from black, navy blue and grey to bright red, yellow and pink.

    1. Camouflage cord

    This is another braided polypropylene rope, with an 8-plait construction and no core. Thanks to its UV resistance and khaki-green ‘camouflage’ appearance, it’s a great option for outdoor hobbies – and is currently available in three standard diameters to suit most needs (i.e. 4mm, 6mm and 8mm).

    1. Polypropylene float line

    We also stock 6mm and 8mm float lines that are made from lightweight polypropylene cord. Again, these are made without a core and float upon the surface of water. They’re also high-visibility – boasting a bright yellow flecked design – and are most commonly used for sailing and mooring.

    All of our polypropylene ropes are available for a competitive price – sold on either 100/200m reels or cut to length for as little as 16p per metre. But that doesn’t mean they compromise on quality. Each cord is made by one of our trusted manufacturing partners throughout Europe, conforming to strict EN ISO 1346 standards and offering excellent value for money.

    Thanks to the tough fibres from which they are made, our polypropylene cords also boast a wide range of beneficial properties. For example, they’re strong yet flexile and demonstrate good resistance to UV rays and abrasion. As such, they are a suitable option for a wide range of general-purpose applications – and can be used at home, work and for various leisure pursuits.

    Want to know more about our polypropylene ropes?

    You’re always welcome to get in touch. Our team have detailed knowledge of the products available and can advise on the best polypropylene cord for your needs. Simply give us a call on 01692 668996 – or send an email to [email protected] – and we will be more than happy to help.

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